Flathead Theatre Mission Statement

The goal of Flathead High School Theatre Program is to allow Flathead High School students unique opportunities to learn to only about life, but themselves as they experience various aspects of theatre through acting, technical work, and stage managing. 

During the last few years an average of more than 300 students per year have been involved in the curricular and/or extracurricular aspects of our theatre program at Flathead High School. 

Coming Soon:

The Flathead High School Theatre Department performs "Hello, Dolly!" on February 27th, 28th and 29th at 6:27 pm in the David M. Hashley Theatre at Flathead High School.


Hello, Dolly is a full blown musical comedy that follows several characters through their search for adventure and love in New York City!

Dolly Gallagher is a Matchmaker who loves to meddle in other people's lives. She promises to find Horace Vandergelder (the thrifty millionaire) the perfect woman, but is that really what he wants?

The whole cast of characters wind their way through an exciting night in New York City; complete with dancing, a parade, and getting arrested!
The lesson learned is that, with Dolly Levi as your Matchmaker, you always get more than you ever bargained for. 

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